Your First Year of Exercise – Realistic Expectations

Getting quick results is just not realistic. Losing weight and changing your body composition takes time and dedication. Getting strong takes even longer. If you are just beginning your workout program, here are the results you can realistically expect.

First 30 Days

During the first 30 days, you will notice your cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, and muscular strength rapidly increase as your body adapts from an untrained state. This is especially the case if you haven’t exercised regularly in a while.

If improving flexibility was one of your primary goals and you have been working on it, expect it to improve slowly. While you will feel like you have more energy and are getting in shape, your body composition is not likely to change in the first month of training because your body adapts neurologically first.

30 to 60 Days

During the second month of training, you will continue to make improvements in your cardiovascular endurance as well as make muscular strength and endurance gains. Although the gains won’t be as rapid as the first month, your personal trainer should be adjusting your program to avoid plateau so you can keep progressing.

During the second month of training, you can expect your body composition to slowly begin to improve provided you have been eating correctly and doing the prescribed exercise during the training sessions and on your own time. Your flexibility will slowly improve as long as you keep working on it by stretching the specific muscles you want to become more flexible.

90 to 120 Days

If you maintain your regular exercise with a personal trainer and exercise on your own time, you can expect your body composition to continually improve. From 90 days and beyond, you are considered to be in a trained state. Thus, improving your fitness assessment results for muscular strength & endurance as well as cardiovascular endurance will gradually become more difficult.

If you have been working on flexibility you will start making noticeable progress. Your muscles will feel less tense and you will notice an increase in your joints’ range of motion. When you see yourself in the mirror, you’ll look and feel different. You will see more definition in your musculature.

First Year

You’re becoming a new, better you. You’ve changed, and you can both see it and feel it. People will even ask you what you have been doing. It’s not just your body, it’s your mood, outlook, and enthusiasm for life.

There are still some things you want to work on. But now you have the knowledge and training experience to make it happen. Your knowledge is your motivation to stick with it. Since you stand out as a person that has successfully made a change in your health, you get to share that with others to motivate them.