Thoughts on Jack3d by USP Labs

I’m almost through a container of the Blue Raspberry flavor of Jack3d. I’ve used it a few times before, but I have never really been a huge fan. I feel like it gives me the jitters more than other products, and for some reason it elevates my heart rate more than other pre-workout products. This is particularly noticeable on cardio or run days; it seems like I can never really catch my breath.

But a good deal is a good deal. A local place where I shop puts Jack3d and C4 on sale for about $5 a couple times per year. It’s probably not a good idea to use a product that makes you feel kinda crappy, but if you compare the major brands they are generally all the same. The question is where are the raw ingredients produced and what filler products are in them. My reaction to Jack3d is likely a result of some kind of filler that my body is rejecting. Still, I think it’s a good idea to stay away from Jack3d in the future regardless of the price.

I’ve had good results with C4 in its myriad of combinations. It seems like Cellucore likes to add or remove one ingredient and then slap a different name on the same product, sometimes even raising the price because it is “new”. It’s a well balanced product, but if you really want a kick in the pants you’ll need to pump in two scoops, and I don’t mind that. Having the option to select how much product I want to use makes it much easier to start and stop slowly. I have a container of C4 Sport to try next, so I’ll be reporting on that soon.

Overall, I prefer the niche brands like Savage Roar from Kai Green’s company, or Jim Stoppani’s PreJYM (he makes great protein, too). I’ve also been know to mix my own pre-workout brew on occasion. These products can be expensive when compared to national brands, but variety keeps things interesting. Giving your body a break from supplements every once in a while is a good idea too.

What’s your favorite pre-workout? Have you ever tried to mix your own from raw ingredients? Were you successful?