Last week I decided to change my split from the push/pull routine that I have been doing for almost three months to a more traditional bodybuilding split.  Well, here I am a week later changing it up again. Not that much, though. I’m simply taking my leg day on Wednesday and changing it to a Deadlift day. I’ll also begin every workout, everyday, with a 5×5 front or back squat at 80% 1RM. Here’s what it will look like:

  1. Squat/Back & Biceps
  2. Squat/Chest & Triceps
  3. Squat/Deadlift
  4. Squat/Shoulders & Arms
  5. Squat/Chest & Back
  6. Squat/Shoulders & Functional

The plan is to hit everything twice a week, with one routine of big movements and the second routine with heavy dumbbells and accessory work. I’ll stick to it for the next six weeks and then re-evaluate from there.