Savage Roar Intimidating Pre-Workout Formula by Dynamic Muscle (Forceful Fruit Punch) – Review

BLUF: Hands-down the best pre-workout I have tried to date. It truely makes you feel stronger, better, faster, and more alive; I felt like a lion ruling the grasslands of my gym.

Savage Roar specs out with 300mg caffein, 3.2g beta-alanine, and 2.5g Citrulline Malate. The nutrition label does not list any calories or creatine. Unique ingredients include 10mg Bioperine (black pepper extract), 30mg Synephrine HCL (from bitter orange), and 50mg Hordenine.

The powder mixes as expected, some of it dissolves while some of it floats in the water, but there was not clumping to be found. What is surprising at first is the white color, until you see on the package that there are no added colors. It appears chalky, but fortunately it does not taste gritty.

There was no real smell on the nose to be detected, which is a welcome change from pre-workouts that smell like chemicals or dish soap. Flavor wise, it seemed like Dynamik Muscle was going for an “energy drink” flavor. It wasn’t overly sweet, but neither was it too tasty. I think mixing it with cold water helped. Drinking it at room temperature seems like it would be just a bit unpleasant.

Savage Roar was easy on the stomach. There was no mad rush to the toilet like some other products. I got the tingly sensation within about 10 minutes. But this one was different. Rather than an intense itch I felt like I was wrapped in a warm, comforting blanket. My focus became a sharp tunnel vision. Suddenly, I was fiercely motivated to complete more reps than ever before.

After taking Savage Roar I honestly feel stronger and more alive. It is without a doubt the absolute best pre-workout I have tried to date. It’s potency also make it an incredible value. Instead of having to take two scoops to feel the effects, you could easily take a half-dose (effectively doubling your purchasing power) and still feel a solid kick.