Nutrex Outlift & Outlift Amped Preworkout – Review

BLUF: Too much caffeine for me, but these are otherwise dependable, high-quality preworkouts worth trying.

Nutrex has done an exemplary job formulating the Outlift line of preworkouts. They specifically focused on proper dosing of all ingredients, though there are a few differences between Outlift and Outlift Amped.

Preworkout Ingredient Profile Comparison
Ingredient Outlift Outlift Amped Clinical Dose
Caffeine 350mg 350mg 300mg
Creatine (HCL or Mono) 3g (Mono) 2g (HCL) 2g or 5g
Citrulline Malate 8g 8g 6g
Beta-Alanine 3.2g 3.2g 2g
BCAA (2:1:1) 6g 0 6g

I tried Outlift in the Miami Vice flavor, which tasted exactly like a pina colada, and Outlift Amped in the Peach Pineapple flavor, which, unsurprisingly, tasted like peach and pineapple. I enjoyed both of the flavors. The BCAAs in Outlift did not have the eggshell flavor that is common of products containing BCAAs. While Outlift Amped had a little bit of bitterness from the caffeine, it wasn’t enough to turn me off. Overall, they both tasted excellent.

Both products had a very chalky appearance out of the package. Outlift smelled like strawberries, which was surprising given the pina colada flavor that resulted after mixing it, and the Outlift Amped had a strong smell of peach. Both blended well, and Outlift had the foamy, tell-tale sign of BCAAs floating on top. Tip: if you have a BCAA product that does not have a foamy top after being mixed with water it probably does not contain quality BCAAs.

I almost didn’t even need to stir when dropping the powder in water. The both simply dissolved almost instantly. While both products mixed really well, they were still a little grainy. However, they were smooth and did not taste like chewing an aspirin. They also did not have any of the effervescent qualities that are common in preworkouts these days.

I really like both products. Outlift is a little bit closer to a fully dosed preworkout product, but the amount of caffeine in it gave me the jitters. Even though Outlift Amped contains the same amount of caffeine, it didn’t give me the jitters, and I felt a little bit better while working out with it.

If I based my decision solely on how I felt when working out with the products, I would choose Outlift Amped, but if choosing based on proper dosing, I would choose Outlift. Either way, they are both a terrific choice. I just wish they contained about 100mg less caffeine.