My Current Warm Up Routine

Things have changed a bit since moving to Korea. The weather has been brutally hot this time of year in Daegu, I have a much longer commute to work, and I don’t have a car yet, so I’m relying on public transportation. It’s not bad, just different.

I have to wake up 04:45 every day, but I’m enjoying the extra time the hour-long bus ride offers. I don’t feel as rushed to get to the gym in the morning. I can take my time, and once there, I can use as much time as I want on my workout. There is no hard schedule.

I’m also not all hopped up on pre-workout when I get to the gym. There is more time for it to settle in my stomach, which for whatever reason makes me less sensitive to the caffeine. My pre-workout simply acts as my coffee.

So, with all this taken together, I’d say my warm-up begins with my half-mile walk to the bus stop. Spending time outside in the natural light helps me wake up. I feel invigorated and excited by the time I get to the gym.

Once there, I get my things stuffed into a day use locker and then head over to the “Rogue Room” to row 2k on a Concept 2 at an easy pace. Then I move into my pull-up progression routine and mix it with the 5/3/1 warm-up sets. There are five sets of pull-ups and three warm-up sets for 5/3/1. I do some light stretching and joint rotations between the first two sets of pull-ups, and then transition to the 5/3/1 warm-up sets between sets of pull-ups.

This gets me ready without overdoing it, which I have a tendency to do.