Lean Dumbbell Complex

The Lean Dumbbell Complex uses a single set of dumbbells at a pre-determined weight to complete all exercises in immediate succession without a break. The series of moves will challenge the entire body. It’s great for a quick weekend or travel workout. Before beginning, pick an appropriate dumbbell weight according to your current strength (or if you are traveling, pick from what is available). For me, this is usually 55lbs. You won’t need a lot of weight, trust me.

Complete the designated number of repetitions for each exercise before taking a break:

Exercise Reps
Military Press 8
Squat 9
Bent-over Row 10
Stiff-leg Deadlift 11

Take a short break and repeat the complex for a designated number of rounds or as many rounds as you can within a designated time, such as 20 minutes. You could also pick the same number of starting repetitions and ladder down to zero (or do a pyramid-set).