Isopure Aminos Cherry Lime – Review

BLUF: Bland, but at least it doesn’t taste like egg shells. Recommended.

The intent of supplementing BCAA’s is to help your body recover from exercise. Each of the branched-chain amino acids, leucine, isoleucine, and valine, are considered essential amino acids, so your body cannot produce them on its own. They must be consumed from food or supplemented.

Isopure claimes that their Aminos product will not only provide the necessary BCAA’s but will also provide a feeling of relaxation. Heres what the literature has to say:

“Introducing a forward-thinking formula to support comprehensive body and mind benefits. BCAA’s meet the new-to-the-world combination of Tart Cherry to help reduce soreness following intense exercise, and L-Theanine for a calm, relaxed mind. Together they help you make the most of your recovery and hit it harder the next day. Packed with antioxidant Vitamin C, we’ve crafted a lean amino acid powder unlike any other – and the only from Isopure® – so you can make more of your muscles.”

Supposedly, the “Tart Cherry” helps reduce muscle soreness after exercise due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Maybe it does, I’m not qualified to make that determination, but a 2005 warning letter issued by the Food & Drug Administration advised cherry growers to “cease making substantial health claims” that specific chemicals found in cherries could reduce inflammation.

So I guess let’s just talk about the product itself…

It smells pretty good and reminds me of the Bomb Pop popsicles from when I was a kid.  But that is just the smell. The very mild flavor tastes like a cheap sour candy, there is no depth to it, not even Koolaid satisfaction. On the upside, it doesn’t have the eggshell flavor of most BCAA products. It’s not bad but you also kinda want to spit it out since it leaves a chalky flavor on the finish.

Altogether it blended pretty well in the cup, but it definitely left some powdery residue. This always makes me wonder if I am ingesting the full product. Clearly not if I there is some still left in the cup after I drink it.

If Isopure Aminos does provide a feeling of relaxation, I did not experience it. But it still specs out as a standard BCAA product, so if it is to your liking it may be worth sticking with.