Front Squat, Shoulder & Back Calorie Burner – Freestyle Workout for 4 September 2017

I’m leaving this week for a school in southern Arizona. The initial schedule prevents me from working out this week. So I have to take advantage of today.

I’m hitting shoulders and doing a few squats, but since this is probably my only workout this week I want to add in a full body component. I’ll do this by incorporating some pull-ups and straight arm pull downs to hit the back, and cleaning the barbell up from the floor when I do the shoulder press and front squat.

I’ve also added various types of sets to help burn some extra calories and keep my heart rate up throughout the workout.

Warm Up

  • Arm & Shoulder Rotation


  • Shoulder Press, Strict, 95lbs, 4×10 (clean from the floor)
  • Superset, 10 sets
  •  – Pull Up, 5 reps
  •  – Shoulder Push Up, 10 reps
  • Combo-set
  •  – Straight Arm Pull Down
  •  – Face Pull
  • Compound-set
  •  – Front & Lateral Alternating Shoulder Raise
  •  – Dumbell Shoulder Press
  • Front Squat, 95lbs, 5×10 (clean from the floor)

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