Short Run – Freestyle Workout for 31 August 2017

I’ve been riffing my workouts all week and that continues today. I know, it’s not the best way to get better, but I’m just returning from a three month long course, and leaving again next week for another six week course. It’s hard to follow a program when you can’t plan your own training sessions. So something is better than nothing. And that leads me to today’s session.

Warm Up

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Bend & Reach
  • General stretching


  • 2.5 mile Run

I moved at a nice, easy pace where I was not struggling to breath, and then sprinted out the last quarter-mile, finishing in about 20 minutes.

As a larger runner, currently 219lbs, running in general can be challenging. 219lbs is a lot of mass to move around, so it takes practice. To avoid knee pain I focus on shorter strides and landing on the balls of my feet instead of the heels. This also helps avoid internal rotation of my knees.

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