Shoulders – Freestyle Workout for 29 August 2017

My motivation to workout this morning was quite low. I momentarily considered skipping my workout as I struggled to pull myself out of bed at 6am. In my mind I was searching for a justification to a rest day. I didn’t find one.

Shoulders were on the docket. I originally planned to write a quick workout before getting started, but when I got into my gym I saw the test version of Primary Lift, a new program I’ve been working on for nearly six months now, hanging on the wall. I grabbed the test copy of Primary Lift, flipped to the shoulder workout, and went to work.

In deference to the readers of my Training Journal, here’s the workout I did today, a sneak preview of Primary Lift:

Warm Up

  • Arm & Shoulder Rotation
  • Dumbbell Overhead Press
  • Egoscue Stretch
  • Bodyweight Squats


  • Back Squat at 55% Max, Tempo 3031
  • Back Squat at 70% Max, Rest-pause for max reps
  • Overhead Press at 50% of 5RM
  • Superset
  •  – Overhead Press Press 5×5
  •  – Bench Step-up
  • Superset
  •  – Upright Row
  •  – Romanian Squat

Feeling pretty worn out I had to end the workout early. It has been a while since I worked at this intensity level.

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