You Can’t Just Leave Facebook

Today I deleted my Facebook account forever. Well, I tried to, anyway. It turns out you can’t just leave Facebook. If you go to your personal settings page you won’t even find the option. To get to the delete button, you have to navigate through a series of help pages that try to convince you that you don’t really want to delete your account because you might change your mind one day. What you really want to do is suspend you account for a little while, right kid?

No. I actually want to delete my account. When I finally found the delete button with the help of Google (or maybe it was bing…), and clicked on it, I had to again confirm multiple times that yes, I do indeed want to delete my account and all of the files and history from every server everywhere around the world where my data is stored. But, no, you can’t just do that. You have to wait two weeks. According to Facebook, if you change your mind you can simply log back in anytime you want within the next 14 days and they will automagically cancel your request to delete your account. How handy is that? Good thing I’m not a real user, otherwise I might be tempted for just one more hit…

I’m convinced now more than ever that social media sites designed for sharing status updates are more dangerous to our mental health than ever before. If you’re ready to get off the hampster wheel, this handy link will take you straight to where you need to go:

Delete My Facebook Account