Probably none. Get control of your diet first. If you are eating even one fast food meal per week, you’ll be wasting your time taking supplements because you’re already failing to eat right.


Sure, you could say that in some ways I am copying CrossFit. I post new workouts every day, my functional training is “CrossFit style”, and I promote the ideas of variety, community, and camaraderie in fitness. But these same ideas are also basic to the military. The old US Army Field Manual 21-20 first published over 30 years ago recognized the Principles of Exercise as regularity, progression, balance, variety, specificity, recovery, and overload. Sound familiar?

My training style and the way I believe Warrior Athletes should train is heavily influenced by ideas that were solidified by the military and popularized by CrossFit. I take those same ideas, balance them with what a Warrior Athlete needs to accomplish their mission, and then train to make myself a little bit better every day.

I created the site for myself. I’m constantly learning, studying, and practicing the art of being a Warrior Athlete, and engaging in interesting conversations about leadership, the lifestyle of a Soldier, and other aspects of learning and mentoring. I used to keep a journal as a sort of history book of the things I learned every day. This site basically replaced that. It serves as a reminder to myself of what I have learned and where I am lacking and need to improve.


BLUF is military jargon for Bottom Line Up Front. Before you hold a meeting or have a conversation, just lay out the bottom line. What are we driving toward? What is the purpose of the meeting? There is no need to skate around the major topic or make people try to guess what the desired outcome is.

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