A grouping of sets where the same number of repetitions is performed during each set.

This is the classic form of weight lifting. You select an exercise and then determine how many sets and repetitions you need to achieve your goal, such as 3 sets of 10. Between sets, the lifter will rest for a prescribed rest period.

If the goal is endurance, you’ll generally go with low weight, a high number of sets (6 to 8), and a high number of repetitions (20 to 30).

If the goal is physique, growth, or “gains”, you’ll generally go with medium-heavy weight, high number of sets (4 to 7) and a mid range (12 to 15) of repetitions.

If the goal is pure strength, you’ll generally go with very heavy weight, low number of sets (1 to 2), and low number of repetitions (1 to 8).

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