Citrulline Malate

A non-protein amino acid stabilized by a natural salt compound. Citrulline is the amino acid that is produced when another amino acid, ornithine, combines with carbamoyl phosphate during the urea cycle. Malic acid, or malate, is a natural salt compound found in fruit and other foods and is often used as a food preservative. Supplementation … Read more


A grouping of sets where multiple exercises are performed in tandem without putting the weight down. A complex is a fast-paced form of weight training where you perform a sequence of back-to-back exercises without ever allowing the weight to hit the floor. Commonly referred to simply as a “complex”, the set will usually consist of … Read more


A grouping of sets where two exercises for the same muscle group are performed in tandem without rest. While a super-set trains opposing muscle movements, compound-sets use two different exercise to work the same muscle group. An example of this is a set of biceps curls followed immediately by a set a hammer curls with … Read more


A non-essential protein-like compound found in muscle and the brain. It is synthesized in the liver from the two amino acids arginine and glycine, and then taken up from the bloodstream into the muscle where it becomes phosphocreatine. During exercise, phosphocreatine donates its high-energy phosphate molecule to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is used by the muscle for … Read more

Daily Value

The percentage of the recommended dietary allowance of nutrients provided by one serving of the food or drink in question.


A term that is used to describe stretchable, stretching or stretch-ability, as opposed to inextensible or non-stretchable. Muscle fascia is very distensible or stretchable as opposed to ligaments, which are not.


A grouping of sets where resistance is reduced before each subsequent set. A drop-set isn’t really a set by itself, but rather a series of sets where you reduce the amount of weight being lifted for each set of the same exercise. For example, you might do three sets of 10 biceps curls starting with … Read more

Elastic Limit

The smallest amount of stress (stretching force) necessary to produce permanent or non-recoverable lengthening of a soft tissue. Once a tissue’s elastic limit is exceeded, a return to its original length it not possible, even after the stretching force is removed.