A grouping of repetitions.


Training conducted in a specific manner in order to produce a specific result.

Speed Strength

The time required to go from stationary to maximal strength.

Starting Strength

The amount of speed strength generated at the beginning of a movement.


A grouping of sets where the same number of repetitions is performed during each set. This is the classic form of weight lifting. You select an exercise and then determine how many sets and repetitions you need to achieve your goal, such as 3 sets of 10. Between sets, the lifter will rest for a … Read more

Strength Training

Any type of training which involves moving the body in some direction against some type of force that induces changes in strength or hypertrophy.


A grouping of sets where agonist and antagonist exercises for opposing muscle movements are performed in tandem without rest. Super-sets pair to opposing muscle groups, such as the biceps and triceps, into one continuous exercise. This is done by selecting two different exercises, one for each muscle, and doing one set of each back to … Read more