The training theory that once training is discontinued, strength and hypertrophy adaptations (gains) will atrophy.


One complete movement of a given exercise.

Repetition Maximum

The number of repetitions of an exercise that can be completed with a given weight. Such as 1RM, for 1 Repetition Maximum, means the lifter can only perform one repetition before reaching momentary concentric muscle failure in that specific exercise with that particular weight. In other words, not another single repetition can be performed. RM … Read more


The amount of weight used during a given exercise. The amount of resistance is inversly related to the number of repetitions performed. That is, the heavier the weight, the fewer number of repetitions the lifter will be capable of performing. The most common measurement of resistance is percentage of Repetition Maximum. For example, an exercise … Read more

Resistance Training

Any type of training which involves moving the body in some direction against some type of force that resists movement.