Dynamic Arms

Inspired by Kai “The People’s Champion” Greene, Dynamic Arms is a classic bodybuilding style workout. All you are really doing is picking five movements for biceps and five movements for triceps, and then combining those movements intuitively to achieve intense muscle contraction. You’ll do five sets of each movement by starting light and adding weight with each set. Your first set will have about 20 to 25 Reps, and your fifth set will have only about three to six Reps. You should feel exhausted at the end of the fifth set of each movement, not necessarily the end of each set within the movement.

There is almost no end to how you can combine the movements you choose, so be creative. Use giant sets, combo sets, super sets, etc., and have some fun with it.

Here is an example workout scheme that meets this concept.

Alternating Hammer Curl
Seated Hammer Curl
Triceps Kickback compounded with
Overhead Triceps Extension
Preacher Curl superset with
Triceps Pull Down
EZ Bar Curl
French Press
Incline Bench Biceps Curl
Triceps Push Down