Core Abs

Core Abs is my basic abdominal/core routine. Over 175 repetitions, every key muscle in the core is worked and challenged. I prefer to work abs every day, so I often tack this routine on to the end of another workout.

Complete 25 repetitions of each exercise (pictures coming soon):

  1. V-up
  2. Straddle sit-up
  3. Flutter kick reach
  4. Bicycle kick
  5. Canoe row
  6. Polynesian row
  7. Rock/Boat

I recommend training the abdominal muscles at least 3 – 5 days per week, with a daily workout being permissible. Unlike other muscles, you rarely fatigue the abdominal muscles enough so that they need an additional day to recover. This is because you are always working with the weight of your torso just to perform basic daily movement. In practice, it actually makes sense to do some type of abdominal strengthening exercise on a daily basis to try and counteract the excessive tightening of your lower back muscles and hip flexors.

Also, just because you may work the abdominals regularly, there should be no fear that these muscles will get too big. In fact, the abdominals are very thin muscles compared to other muscles, such as the deltoids, gluteals, hamstrings, biceps, and quadriceps. So, unless you are progressively overloading these muscles with additional external resistance, such as ab machines, it is unlikely that the abs will become “too thick.”