Chest/Shoulder Complex

See the article on Training Set Methodology or the Encyclopedia entry complex-set for a description of a complex.

The Chest & Shoulder Complex utilizes one barbell plate (usually 25, 35, or 45lbs) to complete all exercises in immediate succession. The series of moves challenges and carves the traps, delts, pecs, biceps, and triceps in just 50 repetitions.

Choose a barbell plate and complete 10 repetitions of each exercise:

  • Plate bicep curl
  • Plate overhead tricep extension
  • Plate chest drive
  • Around-the-chest Left
  • Around-the-chest Right

After completing the entire routine, you can choose to stop or simply take a short break (2 – 3 minutes) and run through it again.

For the “Full Tour” challenge, complete three rounds of the complex for a total of 150 repetitions, starting with a 45lbs plate, dropping to 35lbs, and finishing with 25lbs.