Changing My Split

Several recent out-of-town trips for work threw me off my Build Power schedule. During my travels I switched to a push/pull style routine and tried to stick with working the entire body twice per week. Well, I failed. I simply did not keep up with the amount of volume that I needed to.

Today I’m switching things up and designing a new program geared toward cutting. The complete program will launch this summed, but here is the basic six-day layout:

  1. Back & Biceps
  2. Chest & Triceps
  3. Legs & Functional
  4. Shoulders & Arms
  5. Chest & Back
  6. Legs & Shoulders

Okay, so nothing earth shattering there, but the idea is you still work the entire body twice per week while you optimize opportunity for cardioacceledation. This means slower gaines but much more opportunity for lean gains. I’m excited by the potential.