Chest & Back Day

On some of my splits I have a day where I combine chest and back into one workout. The most common method is to super-set the two muscle groups, but sometimes I like to work them independently even though I am working them on the same day. Here’s a routine I use on those occasions: … Read more

Burn Back

We’re going to use a combination of super-sets and giant-sets to work the back while maintaining a fat-burning heart rate. Then we will finish with tempo work to maximize time-under-tension and stimulate anabolic growth. Super-set 1 Bent-over Barbell Row 8 – 12 Reps 4 Sets Pull-up Max Reps Super-set 2 Seated Cable Row 21’s 4 … Read more

Max Chest

Sometimes you just feel the need to blast a particular muscle group, to go to failure and then push just a little bit more. For the barbell exercises you are aiming to use approximately 80% of your one-rep max. then you move on to dumbbell exercises at a tempo of three seconds down and explosive one second up … Read more

Core Abs

Core Abs is my basic abdominal/core routine. Over 175 repetitions, every key muscle in the core is worked and challenged. I prefer to work abs every day, so I often tack this routine on to the end of another workout. Complete 25 repetitions of each exercise (pictures coming soon): V-up Straddle sit-up Flutter kick reach … Read more

Chest/Shoulder Complex

See the article on Training Set Methodology or the Encyclopedia entry complex-set for a description of a complex. The Chest & Shoulder Complex utilizes one barbell plate (usually 25, 35, or 45lbs) to complete all exercises in immediate succession. The series of moves challenges and carves the traps, delts, pecs, biceps, and triceps in just 50 … Read more