The Last APFT I’ll Ever Take

I’ve never found the APFT to be a good measure of overall physical fitness. In order to max the test you have to train specifically for it, which drastically undercuts your ability to develop comprehensive fitness. This is especially true for strength and endurance, both of which are critical to the life of a Soldier, and … Read more

What I Learned by Running 31 Miles

One month ago I started streaking. I ran at least one mile per day, everyday. On some days I ran more. I particularly enjoyed running a 5k on Wednesdays. But I made some surprising discoveries about myself. I’ve been running for a long time. During my late 20’s I ran five marathons, several half marathons, … Read more

Running Every Day for a Year

It’s that time of year, but I wouldn’t call it a resolution. After all, I started on a whim on December 11th just to make sure I maintain cardio throughout my holiday vacation. The idea was simple. I run at least one mile everyday. I told myself it’ll help keep the extra holiday pounds off. … Read more

Thoughts on Jack3d by USP Labs

I’m almost through a container of the Blue Raspberry flavor of Jack3d. I’ve used it a few times before, but I have never really been a huge fan. I feel like it gives me the jitters more than other products, and for some reason it elevates my heart rate more than other pre-workout products. This … Read more


Last week I decided to change my split from the push/pull routine that I have been doing for almost three months to a more traditional bodybuilding split.  Well, here I am a week later changing it up again. Not that much, though. I’m simply taking my leg day on Wednesday and changing it to a … Read more

Changing My Split

Several recent out-of-town trips for work threw me off my Build Power schedule. During my travels I switched to a push/pull style routine and tried to stick with working the entire body twice per week. Well, I failed. I simply did not keep up with the amount of volume that I needed to. Today I’m … Read more

The Importance of Rest Day

Waking up this morning I realized just how badly I needed that rest day yesterday. I can normally workout seven days a week because of the way I do my split, which gives me enough rest for each body part before working it again. But I have been pushing myself harder lately, stacking workouts and … Read more