C4 Pre-Workout by Cellucor (Fruit Punch)- Review

TL;DR: This stuff just wasn’t potent enough for me. No beta-alanine tingly feeling, no real pump, I felt focused yet somehow distracted, and I just didn’t get that lean and hard feeling. After my 1 hour 15 minute workout, I actually felt bloated.

C4 pre-workout specs out with 150mg caffein, 1.6g beta-alanine, 1g creatine nitrate, 5 calories, and 1 carb. It does not appear to contain L-Citrulline Malate according to the nutrition label.

Mixing the pre-workout into water was easy and it blended well. The volume of powder is quite small compared to other products, especially when compared to my hand-made pre-workout. This makes me wonder about the potency of the product. How do they get all the ingredients and still have room for flavor in just a teaspoon worth of powder?

Taste is not particularly important to me. In fact, I prefer supplements that are unflavored. But C4 smelled like chemicals once mixed into water, and had a chemical flavor on the finish. I was surprised because Cellucor is known for the flavor of their products. The chemical smell and taste made me feel so uncomfortable that for a moment I thought maybe I should spit it out.

I took the pre-workout on an empty stomach first thing in the morning without any problems. About 20 minutes later I was ready to go. That’s when disappointment set in. With the exception of a mild pump I felt a whole lot of nothing. No real focus or excitement, but then again no caffeine jitters, either. I got a good quality workout, but not an exceptional workout.

I did not feel that C4 added anything to my workout and would not use it again myself. I could have had a cup of black coffee and gotten the same effect. It just didn’t provide the extra oomph that I want from a pre-workout. However, I’m a 210lbs lifter, and this product may be great from someone in the 150lbs range or someone that wants an energy boost but they do not necessarily want to “feel” the effect.