BSN Ripped Edge Extreme Fat Burner – Review

BLUF: Provides an intense mental focus but feels unbalanced and leaves you feeling groggy.

BSN promotes Ripped Edge as an “Extreme Fat Burner” that will help you get lean. Here is what their official literature has to say:

“BSN’s most intense fat-burning formula helps take your transformation to a whole new level. RIPPED EDGE supports metabolism and helps you stay on top of your game while you shred with a unique combination of botanical ingredients and caffeine, delivering concentrated energy, focus and mood support in a convenient capsule.

Push your performance. Perfect your physique. And get your edge back with the new RIPPED EDGE.”

My concern with any “fat burner” is the amount of caffeine you are consuming. They are usually loaded with caffeine, even to an unhealthy, and potentially dangerous, level. Worse, most don’t even tell you how much caffeine is in the product. However, it seems BSN has nothing to hide with their Ripped Edge product, which is clearly labeled as containing 225mg caffeine. Quite a bit in one serving, but also perfectly reasonable. Props to BSN for being transparent instead of hiding ingredients behind a proprietary formula or “matrix complex”.

I thought the pills themselves actually looked a little intimidating. They match the BSN red and silver color scheme, but their appearance gives you a bit of pause and the feeling of intensity. Somehow you just know that these things are going to be strong.

Ripped Edge specs out like most fat burners, containing ingredients purported to have thermogenic effects. These include Yohimbe, Black Pepper Extract, Red Pepper Extract, and Green Tea Extract. I cannot comment on whether the product actually helps you lose weight or not since I did not take it regularly, I can only comment on how it makes you feel when you are taking it. In fact, I only took it once because after the first hour it made me feel like crap.

I could feel it in my system within 15 minutes of taking it. That’s because within 15 minutes of taking it I started getting heart palpitations. These continued throughout the next few hours and even led to shortness of breath when I was actively moving around. After about three hours I began to get a voracious headache, but that also subsided within about 20 minutes.

On the plus side, I did get an intense focus almost like tunnel vision. I felt completely tuned in to whatever I was doing. I also had a nice feel BN of relaxation, but that ultimately led to a grogginess in the end. It was that “heavy head” felling a lot like when you take cold medicine.

Would I take Ripped Edge for an extended period in order to lose weight? No, I wouldn’t, just because I did not like the roller coaster of ups and downs. Then again, I don’t like fat burners anyway.