BSN Pumped Edge Fruit Punch – Review

BLUF: Not much of a “pump”, but definitely gives you a little boost. Recommended.

Ingredients in a pre-workout muscle pump product are supposed to aid with vasodilation, which is the widening of blood vessels so that more blood can flow through. More blood flow means more oxygen can be delivered in a shorter amount of time, increasing energy production and reducing fatigue onset. Pump products can be a good alternative to pre-workout supplements if you are sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants, as they typically do not contain any stimulants.

BSN’s Pumped Edge is sold as a stackable, stimulant-free muscle pump supplement. Here’s what the company says:

PUMPED EDGE has been designed to deliver intense pumps and support peak performance to push you during every workout.

– Patented Pump Technology featuring a 1:1 Citrulline to Arginine Blend, Exclusive to BSN
– 3g of Creatine
– Pomella® & resVida® may help support blood vessel health

Combined in a stimulant-free effervescent powder, these powerful ingredients can be used alone or stacked with other pre-workout powders. Amplify your workout edge and experience the pump with PUMPED EDGE.

I took BSN Pumped Edge about 30 minutes before my workout. After about an hour in the gym, I didn’t feel any kind of extraordinary pump. I suspect this is due to the relatively small dose of Citrulline the product contains, only 3 grams. A standard dose is twice that amount. BSN claims that their blend of Citrulline is patented and special. That may be true, but their special blend simply didn’t do anything extraordinary for me.

Still, the product was effective as I was able to easily maintain my energy and felt better between sets, which means I was recovering well. It also tasted pretty decent, certainly better than the pre-workout, and was a little bit effervescent. Unfortunately, it didn’t mix into the water very well. I had to swish a bit more water around the cup to get the extra powder.

If you are looking for something stimulant-free to help you with your energy levels during your workout, BSN Pumped Edge is not a bad choice, but it probably won’t get you to that bursting out of your own skin pump feeling.