Changing My Split

Several recent out-of-town trips for work threw me off my Build Power schedule. During my travels I switched to a push/pull style routine and tried to stick with working the entire body twice per week. Well, I failed. I simply did not keep up with the amount of volume that I needed to. Today I’m … Read more

Savage Roar Intimidating Pre-Workout Formula by Dynamic Muscle (Forceful Fruit Punch) – Review

BLUF: Hands-down the best pre-workout I have tried to date. It truely makes you feel stronger, better, faster, and more alive; I felt like a lion ruling the grasslands of my gym. Savage Roar specs out with 300mg caffein, 3.2g beta-alanine, and 2.5g Citrulline Malate. The nutrition label does not list any calories or creatine. Unique … Read more

The Importance of Rest Day

Waking up this morning I realized just how badly I needed that rest day yesterday. I can normally workout seven days a week because of the way I do my split, which gives me enough rest for each body part before working it again. But I have been pushing myself harder lately, stacking workouts and … Read more